WorkCoverSA at a glance

WorkCoverSA manages the South Australian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme (the Scheme), which provides protection to workers and employers in the event of workplace injury.

We aim to rehabilitate and compensate injured workers following a workplace injury, and return them to safe workplaces and the community. With a positive approach and the right support, injured workers can recover and return to normal life. Helping improve South Australia's return to work rates is everyone's responsibility and we all have a role to play.

We manage the State's workers rehabilitation and compensation scheme on behalf of about 50,000 employers and about 430,000 employees. There are also about 70 self-insured employers, as well as the State public sector agencies, which manage their own claims but under the same laws. We are set up under the WorkCover Corporation Act 1994, and have a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor of South Australia. The current Chair of the Board is Jane Yuile.

WorkCoverSA is subject to the control and direction of Minister for Industrial Relations, The Hon. John Rau MP.

Mission and role

Our mission

To achieve the best outcomes for injured workers, employers and the South Australian community.

Our role

  • To administer and regulate the South Australian Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme.
  • To have overall responsibility for Scheme performance.
  • To ensure appropriate claims management and related services are provided.

Why return to work?

Work plays a very important role for workers, employers and the economy.

For workers, work impacts not just on our financial wellbeing, but also on our emotional and physical health. The negative effects of not working can be seen in family relationship breakdowns, poor health, social isolation and depression.

For employers, taking care of injured workers and giving them a fair go in the workplace also makes good business sense. Your workers are your most important resource so it makes sense to support and protect your investment in your people and their knowledge of your business.

There are also benefits to the South Australian economy. Returning injured South Australians to work is better for our State as well as for the health and viability of the WorkCover Scheme. Helping improve our return to work rate is everyone’s responsibility and we all have a role to play.

Therefore it is important that we all focus on helping injured workers return to workplaces as soon as they have the capacity to do so.

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