Report an injury

If you are injured at work, you should seek immediate medical attention, and report the injury to your employer within 24 hours if practicable.

You should report your injury to your employer whether you intend to make a claim for workers compensation or not.

If you are unable to notify your employer, a representative such as a family member or friend can do this on your behalf.

Fatalities and serious injuries

When a person is killed at work, or requires admittance to a hospital due to an injury at work, the employer must immediately report the incident to SafeWork SA on emergency telephone 1800 777 209 (24 hour service).

Information about supports and services for workers with a serious injury and their family members can be accessed from the Workers with a Serious Injury page.


FAQ: My employer wants to sack me now that I've made a claim – can they?

Legally you can’t be sacked for being hurt at work or for making a workers compensation claim. If it does happen, report it to your case manager and/or seek independent legal advice.

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