WorkCoverSA Annual Conference


WorkCoverSA Conference 2012

WorkCoverSA's seventh annual conference, 'integrate, innovate, inspire!' proved to be an inspirational and educational event not only for those in the workers' compensation and rehabilitation sector, but also to the broader business community. All sessions provided the opportunity for delegates to share experiences, gain knowledge and engage with industry leaders across a range of topics.

The sold-out conference featured highly respected international and national speakers, including one of the world's top inspirational speakers, Nando Parrado, who shared his remarkable story of a Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed on a remote, high-altitude, glaciated slope in the Andes in 1972.

Most of the conference presentations are available through the links below. Where keynote speaker presentations are un available for public.

Keynote 1 - Michael Henderson:

Session 1A

Occupational stress in Australian organisations by Rachel Clements

Session 1B

How PAIN can be the key to successful return to work by Pam Garton


Keynote 2 - Nando Parrado:

Session 2A
Motivational interviewing by Anna McDonald

Session 2B 

The ageing workforce - how do we adapt and manage in relation to return to work by Dr Peter Smith

Session 2C 
Integrating best practice into your workplace by Brook Ramage


Keynote 3 - Bruce Sullivan:
Managing relationships in diversity - Working with people who are not like you by Bruce Sullivan



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