Return to work service providers

Return to work consultants are responsible for the provision of quality and cost effective return to work services and ensuring the best possible outcome is achieved. They must be appropriately competent to deliver professional return to work assistance.

WorkCoverSA has agreements with a number of return to work service providers. The agreement includes:

  • standards for service delivery
  • minimum qualifications requirements
  • prescribed fees for specific services.

Role and responsibilities of return to work consultants

The duties of return to work consultants are to:

  • establish a positive working relationship with the injured worker and employer
  • ensure effective ongoing communication with the case manager
  • ensure the worker and employer understand their rights and responsibilities
  • ensure the worker, employer and other key parties actively participate in the return to work process
  • liaise with medical practitioners, allied health professionals, the employer and other key parties as required regarding the capacity of the worker and the availability of suitable duties and to identify and address key barriers/issues and rehabilitation strategies required to obtain a successful outcome
  • ensure that when injured workers:
    • refuse or fail to participate in their return to work plan (‘plan’)
    • participate in ways that frustrate the objectives of the program or plan, or
    • fail to undertake an obligation of their program or plan

the worker’s obligations and potential consequences are explained to them, and the case manager is kept informed

  • where providing user services, establish an appropriate program or plan that takes into account relevant medical, social, educational, psychological and employment factors and to assess the type of rehabilitation services required, expected duration, cost and goal(s).

Referrals to return to work consultant

The case manager (or self-insured employer) approves referrals to a return to work consultant. Very early referral is appropriate in certain circumstances. Any return to work professional may request or assist in determining if a referral should be made.

Consultant registration, deregistration, amendments

Requests to register, deregister a rehabilitation consultant or amendments to workplace rehabilitation provider details must be made by the workplace rehabilitation provider principal in the prescribed manner and form, and must be submitted to WorkCover.

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