Fee schedules

Fee schedules are developed by WorkCoverSA in conjunction with the relevant professional associations and then published by the Minister in the Government Gazette. Copies of the Government Gazette are available from the Government Gazette website: http://www.governmentgazette.sa.gov.au

Item numbers

When preparing an account for a workers compensation claimant providers must use the correct item numbers and charge no more than the scheduled fee. The scheduled fee is the maximum fee payable for specific services. If a provider charges more than the scheduled fee, WorkCover will reduce the charge.

Invoicing and service provision is actively monitored and irregularities may be subject to investigation. If a provider charges an amount exceeding the maximum amount allowed by the Gazetted fees, that constitutes a breach of the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986, (the Act) and a provider can be liable to prosecution and a maximum penalty of $1,000 under section 32(14) of the Act.

Fee schedules (gazetted)

1 July 2014 

Fee schedules (non-gazetted)

1 July 2014

Fee schedule data files

1 July 2014

For easy importing into your system.

Previous schedules 


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